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Shadow Vases

Believing In Yourself

"Why is that we can see our friends perfectly but when it comes to ourselves, no matter how hard we look do we ever see ourselves clearly?" - Carrie - SATC

Why is it so hard to see yourself clearly?
Is it avoidance?
Is it that we are avoiding the truth?
But what is the truth?
Are we assuming the truth is negative?
But why are we assuming the truth is negative?
Why isn’t the truth positive?
And if the truth is positive why don’t we want to see it?
Why is it that we can’t see the positive in who we are?
What do we gain from that perspective
Is it that we are afraid?
Is it that we think we may look like we are bragging by believing in the good in ourselves?
But why should this be bragging?
Why would believing in the positive about ourselves be a negative thing?
Why is believing in the negative be a positive?
Why is it so hard to believe in ourselves?
Where did this programming come from?
How do we correct this programming?

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Life We Planned

We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” - Joseph Campbell

Do we need to get rid of that life we planned or let it go?
Like the saying if you love someone/thing set it free, if it comes back its yours set it free, if it comes back its yours, if it doesn’t it never was. But there is also fear to let go of the life we planned. How do we know the life waiting for us is what we want?
But is that an irrational fear?
If it is our true life, wouldn’t it be true that it would be exactly what we want?
These plans we have, who decided them? 
We may say we did but something influenced our decisions? Family, society?
What do we achieve by planning our life?
If it does not go to plan will we be disappointed?
How can you control everything to make it go to plan?
In order to follow a plan don’t you have to be able to exert some sort of control?
If we set a plan and stick to it, do we block other opportunities? 
If we go through out life without a plan will our lives be chaotic? 
Is that what we are trying to avoid by having a plan? 
Can we have an outline so we can direct ourselves towards the things we desire?
But what are these desires? Are they rational?
Does it matter if they are rational?
But is an outline any different than a plan? 
What if the plan we are following is the life we are meant to have?
Is it so bad to have a plan?
Is it so bad not to have a plan?
Which can cause more joy?
Can they both?
Is choosing not to have a plan, a plan in itself?
Is not having a plan fearless? 
Does that matter?
Why do you have to be fearless?
Is fearlessness just a personality trait or fear itself?
Is fearlessness to life actually a way to avoid responsibilities? 
Is not having a plan avoiding responsibility to your life?
What do we give up by having a plan?
What do we give up by not having a plan?
Can we have a plan but still allow for the opportunities for that plan to change?
Will allowing for the flexibilities and the surprises that may happen open ourselves up to allowing surprises in?  
Can that in turn allow for us to have the life that is waiting for us?

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